About Resthaven Memorial Gardens

Family Owned and Operated Since 1965.

In 1949, L.S. Simpson, Jr., a Greenville attorney,¬†established Resthaven Memorial Gardens on his family’s homestead to meet the needs of the Black community in Greenville, SC. ¬†Mr. John R. Huthens joined Resthaven in 1960 to manage Community Relations. In 1965, Mr. Simpson passed away and Mr. Hutchens took ownership. In 1971, Robert (Bobby) Mullikin, Mr. Hutchens son-in-law, took over operations and acquired Resthaven in 1975.

Since 1975, Mr. Mullikin has managed all daily operations of Resthaven and today is joined by his son, Bobby Mullikin, Jr., and often his grandsons.

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Resthaven Memorial Gardens

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